The USS Sovereign complies with all rules as determined by Obsidian Fleet and all associated entities.

As such, all members are recommended to read through these policies prior to application, and to review them regularly. While the Command Staff will do their best to ensure any changes are brought forward to the crew, small changes may slip through.

Posting Rules:

The Sovereign, as a unique and different sim set earlier in the timeline, comes with a different atmosphere. To make sure an active and healthy Sim, we have three rules when it comes to posting.

1. Keep it PG-15. Since the minimum age to Sim with us, for the time being, is 15, we expect all content posted here to be kept appropriate for the 15 year old to read. This means no smut or overtly sexual content, no excessive swearing, and no excessively violent or gory themes. The excessive line is to the discretion of the Command Staff, and as such, will be monitored.

2. We maintain a minimum posting limit of 500 words. If you do not have enough content to fill a post with 500 words, it may be returned to saved to be filled out more. This is to keep posts interesting, and to encourage joint posting. It is also an excuse for you, the player, to explore your thoughts, emotions, sense and feelings a lot more in a post. If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out.

3. We expect a post once every fortnight (14 days). We know that a sim is not the centre of your life, and empathize. We do also, however, expect you to be regularly active. Any individuals not posting within the limits will be subjected to warnings, and, if necessary, removal.
3a. LOA/ELOA: As with all things, we fully expect to see the odd time where the real world gets in the way, and know you need to step away. Should such situations arise, please, don't hesitate to ask for an LOA (up to 14 days away) or an ELOA (up to 3 months away). We will do our best to accommodate in your absence.


All members are expected to follow the rules of both the Sovereign and of the Fleet at all times, both in character and out. By joining our sim, you are agreeing to sim in a proper and adequate manner. Individuals who fail to comply with the regulations will be removed, within reason. By continuing, you agree to these conditions.

Furthermore, the Sovereign complies completely with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), and as such, will not accept players younger than (15) fifteen. Any players found to be in violation of this rule will be removed without warning or question. By agreeing to all of the rules, you also agree to being above the age of 15.

These rules are subject to change without notification. Please be aware of these, and reread regularly to ensure you are not in violation.