Lieutenant Brianna Rochelle

Name Brianna Josana Rochelle

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Birthplace Betazed/Earth
Age 40
Aliases Bri

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 175 lb
Hair Color Red Long
Eye Color Hazle Blue
Physical Description Strong well built, athletic yet graceful in appearance. Complexion is a sandy tan. Hair Long and flowing red but well groomed and regulation. Scar on left shoulder covering1/3rd of shoulder with a tattoo of the wolf and moon covering the scar. Has a second scar on back due to covert mission, full back tattoo of Japanese dragon covering the scar.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Michael James Rochelle
Mother Charlene Sylvia Marsais
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) T’Rylea Dorvan Rochelle 40 (9 months younger) Lieutenant, USS Pathfinder, Intelligence Officer
T’Lin Riva Rochelle 43 Lieutenant Commander, USS Avenger, Intelligence/Fighter Pilot
Other Family Aunts and Uncles and other family in Starfleet positions.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brianna is a very strong willed and intelligent girl. As a child she showed that she was able to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Her knowledge of engineering was very well defined and quite diversified. She gave the appearance of having been raised around engineering by her parents. Brianna’s childhood was very diversified in that she was sent to the best schools dealing in engineering, of course, intelligence, and piloting fighters. She loves to fly and tinker around the engine rooms of various starships learning all she can. Brianna's love for flying did not stop with fighters, she also can fly starships in ways that would possibly boggle the mind. Not to be out done by her younger sister, T’Rylea, she too possesses the photogenic ability to recall anything to mind. Brianna is an outspoken yet quiet girl who loves a challenge and will go all out just to see it through. If there is a problem, you can bet your dollar she will find it and the cause of it. Her ability to momorize and retain all that she sees in her mind and recall it at a moments notice is exceptional. Like her sister T’Rylea she believes in the phrase, ‘Leave no man behind’ and in saying that she will risk her life to make that happen.
Strengths & Weaknesses
+Responsible and gets to briefings on time.
+Respects and honors others.
+Takes orders just fine and is willing to follow them to a tee.
+Puts her life on the line before her own.
-Can be a bit cocky and stubborn at times.
-Her respect for others is not often lost but will disrespect if it needs to be done and without hesitation.
Ambitions To be the best CFCO possible. Also to be the best CAG she could be, depending on which position is necessary at the moment. Wants to eventually marry and settle down on a ship and raise children with her spouse.
Hobbies & Interests Brianna loves to read and write. She also loves to hike and horse back ride in the outdoors. Draws and paints and loves to work with her hands. Has a deep interest in flying as she studies all records from early American History through the wars in avionics. Her interest in flying is only surpassed by her love of engineering and a good mystery. She loves to solve mysteries and does with quite satisfaction.

Language(s) Federation Standard

Personal History Brianna is much like her younger sister. They both had each other growing up and shared the same interest in intelligence and flying. Yet Bri, on the other hand had a knack for engineering principles and followed through with that interest in Starfleet Academy. Growing up, Bri went to the best schools and learned a great deal of engineering before the Academy. She showed an aptitude to search for items that were lost, showing her skills of intelligence gathering at a young and early age. Combined with her three loves, intelligence, engineering, and flying, her parents entered her into the Academy to become one of the three or in Bri’s case all three.

Her Academy years were strenuous but with her sister, T’Rylea at her side to help, she made it through the courses and into the intelligence community. Bri never lost her touch with engineering as she spent a ton of hours in the engineering sections of ships that were docked. She flew several training flights in the Academy Flight School and aced the exams there. Bri was more into flying starships and fighters than she was in engineering but never the less she also aced her exams in intelligence as well.

Upon graduating from the Academy, she was sent on two of her first missions for SFI and returned with her targets. Her wounds were not without pain or suffering as they were few fortunately and for that she was grateful. She served on several ships in the triple role of engineer, pilot and intelligence officer where needed. Far be if from Starfleet to say she took on her roles with a dedicated look and is a credit to any ship that lands her.
Service Record Her first four years are classified as are her missions but what can be said was that she competed them and lived.
Once healed, she served on:
USS Covington – Intelligence Officer
USS Wellington – Chief Engineering Officer
USS Arlington – Command Fighter Pilot
USS Avenger – Chief Flight Control Officer/CAG